Workshop on “Responsible Prototyping – A Practical Approach”

For professionals, policymakers, organizations, care providers, and developers in HEALTH and CLIMATE tech innovation.

Organizers:  Council of Coaches   & The Danish Board of Technology 

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Join us for an online serial workshop on responsibility in digital innovation. With the EU project ‘Council of Coaches’ (COUCH) as an example, we examine how developer responsibilities of social, ethical and legal issues may influence and improve the innovation process and future tech products. Furthermore, we will be co-drafting a set of recommendations for responsible prototyping.

The COUCH project has dealt with responsible health innovation and virtual coaching. Virtual coaching holds great promise for delivering increased health support without increasing costs. But as virtual coaches become ever more advanced and better able to intervene in intimate health and life issues, how do we ensure that the products are developed responsibly in accordance with user needs, privacy rights and contemporary legislation, and stay in compliance also after entering the market?

We invite stakeholders and interest groups to evaluate and further develop the guidelines coming from the COUCH project. Join us and be a co-writer of a set of recommendations for responsible prototyping – take part in the following workshop sessions:

Session 1: Multi knowledge coachingSession link

Date: Monday, May 11, at 13.00 – 15.00

Session 2: Trust and good skepticism, Session link

Date: Tuesday, May 12, at 13.00 – 15.00

Session 3: Co-drafting of recommendations, Session link

Date: Wednesday, May 20, at 13.00 – 15.00

For more info on the Council of Coaches and its responsibility strategy, please consider the following two sources:

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