The Sorbonne Coaches co-chaired two conferences in July on Virtual and social agents

The international Conference Computer Animation and Social Agents CASA 2019 happened from July 1st to 3rdand the ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents IVA 2019 from July 2nd to 5th 2019. The conferences were co-chair with respectively, Michael Neff (University of California, Davis) and Jean-Claude Martin (LIMSI, University Paris Saclay). Both conferences were held of the CNRS headquarters in Paris. They shared the social event and two invited speakers, Marie-Paule Cani, Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, and Beatrice de Gelder, Professor at Maastricht University. The social event was hosted in a very special place, Musée des Arts Forains. Thabo Beeler, Principal Research Scientist at Disney Research in Zurich, was the second invited speaker of CASA. IVA had three other invited speakers, namely Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, Rachael Jack, Glasgow University and Verena Rieser, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Marc West, UNESCO, came also to present work on Feminisation of Voice Assistants. More than 200 participants came to the conferences.

Musée des Arts Forains where two invited talks and social event for CASA and IVA happened.
Merijn Bruijnes reported about the workshop on methodology and evaluation he co-organized at IVA

SU presented several works at ACM IVA. Reshmashree Bangalore presented a poster on three main challenges that are addressed within Council of Coaches. It was a common work with many participants of Council of Coaches. The title of the extended abstract is Integrating Argumentation with Social Conversation between Multiple Virtual Coaches, written by Reshmashree Bangalore Kantharaju, Alison Pease, Dennis Reidsma, Catherine Pelachaud, Mark Snaith, Merijn Bruijnes, Randy Klaassen, Tessa Beinema, Gerwin Huizing, Donatella Simonetti, Dirk Heylen and Harm Op den Akker. Fajrian Yunus presented his work on predicting gestures placement from speech analysis. The title of the extended abstract is Gesture Class Prediction By Attention Model written by Fajrian Yunus, Chloé Clavel, and Catherine Pelachaud.

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