The Dundee Coaches presented the Argument Technology and vision of the Council of Coaches.

Marc Snaith from the University of Dundee, in February gave two lectures regarding the vision and the technology in Argumentation and in the Council of Coaches specifically.

First stop was a guest lecture to the University of Dundee’s Argumentation & Computers module, taken by undergraduate students studying Applied Computing and Computer Science. The overall topic of the lecture was “Arguments in the Real World”, and its aim was to demonstrate to the students that the theories they had been learning have real-world applications. Council of Coaches was used as a concrete example of a project that is deploying theories of argument and dialogue in a real, user-facing application.
Second stop, was at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen ( to give an invited seminar on “Argument Technology and the Council of Coaches Project”. The title was to be read in two ways: it was a talk about Argument Technology and a talk about the Council of Coaches project, but also a talk about the use of Argument Technology in Council of Coaches. The aim of the “Council of Coaches” part of the talk was to give a general overview of the project’s vision and aims, before explaining how we are using models of argument and dialogue within it.

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