Uncle Blob wants you! (if you’re a student…)

Are you looking for an internship, course assignment, or BSc/MSc graduation project in the area of Human-Computer Interaction, Serious Gaming, Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare and/or Psychology?

We are offering multidisciplinary student assignments in the context of the Council of Coaches project!

On this page we provide all the information for engaging with the Council of Coaches project as a student. Please find below the information for the specific partner sites that are working on the project.

In the Netherlands

Students looking for a project in the Netherlands can contact us for a student assignment at the University of Twente, or at Roessingh Research and Development. We encourage interdisciplinary projects (course assignments, bachelor- or master’s graduation projects or internships)

Who to contact?

If you’re looking for an assignment, please send an email to Please let us know who you are, and what you are looking for (BSc graduation, MSc graduation, internship, or course assignment). If you already have a great idea for an assignment, or just some general areas of interest (e.g. healthcare and Human-Computer Interaction), let us know as well.

Just have some questions? Again, send an email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Prefer to walk in and talk to one of us, or email us directly? Here are the responsible people:

  • Dr. Harm op den Akker (Roessingh Research and Development). Topics: Human-Computer Interaction for Healthcare, Behavior Change, Personalization
  • Dr. Randy Klaassen (University of Twente: Human Media Interaction). Topics: Virtual Agents, Human Computer Interaction
  • Dr. Oresti Banos (University of Twente: Biomedical Signals and Systems). Topics: Pervasive Sensing, Human Behavior Modeling, Artificial Intelligence for Health Applications

Specific assignments
The University of Twente’s Human Media Interaction group is currently offering an assignment for students following the “HMI Project” course. Download the Council of Coaches HMI Project Assignment, or contact Randy Klaassen for more information.