An RRD coach @NordicCHI’18 conference

In the beginning of October, Marijke a PhD student working at Roessingh Research and Development attended the NordiCHI’18 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction at Oslo, Norway.

This year, the main theme of the conference was ‘Revisiting the lifecycle’. By reflecting on our current understanding of design processes and our use and interaction with digital and smart systems, and addressing new issues that stem from the rapid developments of technology, the goal is to shine a light on how the field of HCI is developing and changing and how we can improve design for the future.

As a PhD-er, she also got the opportunity to discuss her work during the pre-conference days in a doctoral consortium, where she got feedback from experts on the field of HCI to improve her thesis and attended also a workshop on how to improve the integration of UX in the development of new systems.

Of course, a conference is not just about research. so she also had the chance to visit a reception at the Town Hall with the mayor, one floor above the very same room where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year. A very nice illustration of how Oslo recognizes that research is not something that is conducted in musty rooms but is embedded in society. The mayor addressed several current issues of technology, one of which was to make sure that technology is also available for people that are difficult to reach, such as elderly people.  It is very nice that to see that this focus on health and healthy aging also frequently addressed at the conference itself. On the first day, there were several talks on how social care robots can assist older adults in independent living and how robots are be designed together with patients with cognitive disabilities to help them structure their lives in care facilities.  Also, in the Design for Health-track, it was interesting to see how many different studies and research projects investigate implementing gaming elements or complete serious games, as a tool to enhance motivation.

A great experience in all.

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