Timo Petersen – “Council of Coaches in Virtual Reality”


StudentTimo Petersen
StudyUniversity of Twente, Interaction Technology
Host Organisation
Finalized DateAugust 2020


This research aims to determine how a new 3D modelled environment can influence the engagement of older adults with the Council of Coaches system in Virtual Reality (VR). Four prototype environments were made based on insights from related work and literature, early user confrontation and user scenarios. The prototypes include an indoor beach house environment and an outdoor forest environment, which can be experienced in traditional screen-based (2D) interactions and through a VR headset (3D). Three studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of the different components in the screen-based prototypes, the difference in experience between the screen-based and VR prototypes and the effect of the different components in the VR prototypes.

Results & Outcomes

Analysis of the three studies demonstrated a recommendation for the forest environment in VR. The forest environment was preferred because of the looks, feeling and view. The VR was preferred because it was seen as more realistic, giving a better experience and more immersion. The participants preferred the outdoor experience because of the unlimited view. This research found that the engagement of older adults with the COUCH system in VR can be influenced by the use of different environments, sounds, interaction mechanisms, screen-based or VR experience, indoor or outdoor experience, the use of a couch, table and different chairs.

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