Rens van der Werff – Implementing Virtual Reality in the Council of Coaches System


StudentRens van der Werff
StudyUniversity of Twente, Creative Technology (BSc)
Host Organisation
Finalized DateJuly 2020


As the population ages the demand for personalised healthcare coaches grows larger. To keep up with this demand, the Council of Coaches (COUCH) was created, aiming to provide personalised coaches from at home, by means of an interactive virtual conversation with some coaches. In order to keep the users using the system and its advice credible, user engagement is important. One way of possibly increasing user engagement is by implementing Virtual Reality (VR) into the system. To find out what features work well in VR in COUCH, two prototypes were created that differentiated in seven different areas, from location to interaction. These two prototypes were each tested by using 6 participants that served as proxy users and 2 target group users that were approached online with an interactive video in order to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.

Results & Outcomes

The results of these tests showed that the two features that have the most impact on user engagement are the environment; a cosy room worked best in this research, and accessibility; here shaped as subtitles to support the spoken text. A small sample size means that more research on the topic is recommended and more research with the target group should be performed.

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