Ellis oude Kempers – “Developing a Virtual Social Coach”


StudentEllis oude Kempers
StudyPublic Administration, University of Twente (the Netherlands)
Host OrganisationRoessingh Research and Development
Finalized DateIn progress…


One of the coaches of the Council of Coaches (COUCH) is a social coach, the goal of this coach is to make the user think about and work on his social network in order to stimulate a healthy lifestyle. Within the final demonstration of COUCH, 25 users get in touch with the virtual social coach for four weeks. After this demonstration, interviews with the users, questionnaires and the data of the desktop version will provide an oversight in how these users will be coached virtually to feel motivated to maintain their social network.

This research within COUCH together with the literature review will make it able to answer the following question: How could a virtual coach motivate elderly to maintain a vital social network? To answer the question, the research will focus on two aspects: the way in which the technology should be shaped and the required coaching characteristics of the social coach.