Student Assignments

Below you will find a list of student assignments that are written as part of the research done in Council of Coaches project:

University of Twente

Sneha Das, University of Twente, Biomedical Engineering, Generation of Multi-Party Dialogues Among Embodied Agents to Promote Active Living and Healthy Diet for Subjects Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Based on Theories of Behavior Change and Behavior Change Techniques

Read the Abstract here.

Casper H. Kroon, University of Twente, Industrial Design, User-interface redesign for the coaching environment of Council of Coaches

Read the Abstract here.

Sorbonne University

Julien Defiolles, Sorbonne University, Modeling Interpersonal Interactions in Multi-Party

Céline Caristan, Sorbonne University, Report of Internship

Amandine Guillin, Sorbonne University, Report of Internship