D5.1: Dialogue and Argumentation Framework Design

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Abstract: The final Council of Coaches (COUCH) system requires a component that allows structured coaching dialogues to take place between the patient and the coaches, and the coaches themselves – a Dialogue and Argumentation Framework. It is necessary for these dialogues to proceed in a way as close as possible models real dialogues, and thus the framework must permit naturalistic features, including (but not limited to) interruption and (possibly non-verbal) backchannels. While there are existing systems and platforms for dialogue management, these generally contain a centralised component that restricts when users can interact and thus are insufficient for the required purpose. This document contains the requirements, use-cases and designs for a Dialogue and Argumentation Framework that simultaneously allows for structure and naturalistic flow in dialogues. The final design presented in this document is of a multi-agent system in which Dialogue Agents represent both the coaches and the human users. This removes centralisation, thus permitting the naturalistic aspects of dialogue required in the final COUCH system.

Version: 1.0.1

Release Date: February 28, 2018 (original), March 5, 2019 (latest version)

Pages: 44

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