D2.7: Report on ethical, social and legal considerations and implications

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Abstract: In this report we present an analysis of the responsibility issues pertinent to the Council of Coaches project along with an outline and assessment of the solutions that the project has sought to implement to manage these issues. We define a ‘responsibility issue’ (RRI-issue) as an issue where the ambitions of the project to do good at same time imply a risk of doing harm. An RRI-issue may be ethical, social, legal, and/or medical of nature and often implies several of these qualities. To manage such issues, the Council of Coaches project has implemented a work package for responsible innovation and participatory design coordinating and facilitating RRI-work and reflection as the project unfolded. In the context of this work package, the collaborating researchers, the research management, and the exploitation management of the project have been supported in reflecting on responsibility issues in the project while at the same time being confronted with inputs and assessments from potential end-users and stakeholders in the field of eHealth. This report describes the RRI-issues we have been working with and their potential implications.

Version: 1.0.0

Release Date: July 30, 2020

Pages: 46

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