Public Documents

On this page you will find the project’s public Deliverables – official progress report documents as described in the project’s Work Plan. Click on the thumbnail image or the file name link to download the documents below.

Work Package 1: Management

Work Package 2: Responsible Research and Participatory Design

Work Package 3: Coaching Strategies and Knowledge Base

Work Package 4: User Behaviour Sensing, Modelling and Analysis

Work Package 5: Dialogue and Argumentation Framework

Work Package 6: Human-Computer Interfaces

Work Package 7: Continuous Integration and Demonstration

Work Package 8: Dissemination and Exploitation

Work Package 9: Ethics Requirements

  • D9.1: H – Requirement No. 1 (Confidential)
  • D9.2: POPD – Requirement No. 2 (Confidential)