Public Documents

On this page you will find the project’s public Deliverables – official progress report documents as described in the project’s Work Plan. Click on the thumbnail image or the file name link to download the documents below.

We always aim to share the results of our project with the public as quickly as possible. This means that not all documents below have passed the official external peer review procedures set out by the European Commission.

In the list below, documents that are marked with a () have been officially approved, while other documents may be updated at a later stage.

Work Package 1: Management

Work Package 2: Responsible Research and Participatory Design

Work Package 3: Coaching Strategies and Knowledge Base

Work Package 4: User Behaviour Sensing, Modelling and Analysis

Work Package 5: Dialogue and Argumentation Framework

Work Package 6: Human-Computer Interfaces

Work Package 7: Continuous Integration and Demonstration

Work Package 8: Dissemination and Exploitation

Work Package 9: Ethics Requirements

  • D9.1: H – Requirement No. 1 (Confidential)
  • D9.2: POPD – Requirement No. 2 (Confidential)