Responsible Research and Innovation and the Council of Coaches project

According to the Rome Declaration on Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is the ongoing process of aligning research and innovation to the values, needs and expectations of society. Decisions in research and innovation must consider the respect of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and the respect of human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. RRI requires that all stakeholders are responsive to each other and take shared responsibility for the processes and outcomes of research and innovation.

The Council of Coaches project has included a core activity in the project that focuses on the Responsible Research and Participatory Design, with the objective to ensure that the research and innovation process in the project follows the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation and ensure that the new tools and coaching methods comply. In addition the objective of this activity is to ensure that the actual R&I processes contribute effectively to the needs of future users and society at large, are aligned with societal values and ethical considerations, and have a realistic chance of succeeding in the competitive market of eHealth and e-Coaching tools. These Responsible Research and Innovation ambitions will be achieved through three interlaced processes: a) Development of a shared understanding and vision of what RRI means for the COUCH consortium and how this vision should be achieved; b) Stakeholder and user engagement processes: a series of deliberative, co-constructive multi-stakeholder workshops and c) Socio-technical integration: social scientists engage scientists and engineers in semi-structured interactions designed to enhance reflection upon research decisions and inform practice in light of broader considerations – including the stakeholder views – and societal implications.

The partners of the Council of Coaches project met in January in Copenhagen in a 2-day workshop to develop the RRI Vision, while putting RRI into practice.

The outcome of the meeting was to create a RRI roadmap and define responsibilities of researchers and innovators that are structured around: (Social) robot ethics, Codes of conduct for coaches, Quality recommendations for virtual coaches, Ethics of mHealth and Responsible ICT for an ageing society.

The Council of Coaches project will be implementing various compliance strategies that are structured around the following pillars:

Public communication
– Public activism
– Public consultation
– Public deliberation
– Public participation

Science education
– Science education
– Science communication
– Co-production of knowledge

Gender equality
– Horizontal and vertical participation
– Structural change in institutions
– Gender in content

– Ethical governance
– Ethical deliberation
– Ethical reflection

Open Access
– Open Access
– Open Data

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