Rasmus Johansen (Chronic Pain Coach)

If you have a diagnosis of Chronic Pain, Rasmus makes sure that the advice given to you by the other coaches will work for you as well. Rasmus knows the guidelines on Chronic Pain, and has your interests at heart.

He was born in Roskilde, Denmark. He likes cycling, hiking, sailing and travellin and he deslikes sitting still.

His Backstory

Rasmus grew up in Roskilde, together with his parents and twin-brother. As achild, Rasmus was curious. Although he had a wonderful childhood in Roskilde, Rasmus always wanted to see more of the world. Therefore, during his medicine studies, he went a few times abroad. Rasmus studied in the United States for a year, and performed an internship in Tanzania in a childcare home. After his studies, he travelled a few months through Asia. He had a wonderful time.

Currently, Rasmus is back in Denmark, working at a physical rehabilitation centre in Copenhagen. He lives on his own in a modern apartment in a suburbof Copenhagen. In his job, Rasmus regularly is in contact with chronic pain patients.

Rasmus is very ambitious and always open for new experiences and cultures. He loves his work, but sometimes tends to be a workaholic.

In his free time, Rasmus likes to cycle through the beautiful landscapes in Denmark. In addition, he likes to hike. Each year he, his twin-brother and friends travel to the Alps to hike for a week. Furthermore, Rasmus enjoys sailing. In Roskilde he grew up surrounded by water. Therefore, he learned to sail when he was a little boy. Nowadays, he has its own boat and often goes out onto the water.

His Role

Go-to-person for all questions related to chronic pain. Making sure that all lifestyle advice is in line with the user’s needs related to his/her chronic pain diagnosis.