Olivia Simons (Physical Activity Coach)

If you’re looking to work on your physical activity, Olivia is the perfect fit for you. She is full of enthusiasm, advice and knowledge on how to reach a physically active lifestyle. She helps you set goals and helps you stick to them.

Olivia was born in London. She loves walking with her dog, fitness,
shopping and having a drink with friend but she dislikes cars and pollution in general.

Her Backstory

Olivia grew up in the city centre of London. At the age of twenty, she met hernow ex-husband Thomas when visiting Amsterdam for work. Three years later, she moved to Amsterdam, where she was married and settled down. Olivia has been working as a secretary at a financial company in Amsterdam for 25 years. Two years ago, Olivia divorced her husband Thomas. Together they have one daughter, Lisa,who is now 23 years old. After her divorce, Olivia had a difficult time. Olivia had always been into fitness and walking.

After her divorce, she moved to a small apartment at the outside of the city, together with her dog Brian. This is when she realised how much she enjoys going for a run outside in the fresh air of the nature and how it helped her to clear her mind. During this period Olivia realised she wanted to transfer her positive energy to others and inspire them to stay active. Therefore, she quither job and started as a personal trainer.

Although Olivia likes to be active in nature, she is also really enjoys going in to the city. She likes to go shopping or explore the newest restaurants and bars, although the noise and pollution of cars bothers her. In addition, friends often come over to Olivia’s place to have dinner together and drink a nice glass of wine.

Her Role

She educates the user about the benefits of physical activity. Assisting the user in setting personalised goals towards a healthy dose of daily physical activity, and helping him/her reach those goals. Helping the user with daily activity tracking, providing feedback and advice.