Katarzyna Kowalska (Diabetes Coach)

If you are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, Katarzyna should be a part of your Council. Katarzyna knows the effects your Diabetes has on activity and nutrition, and will complement François and Olivia in their advice.

She was born in Lowicz, Poland . She likes baking, singing and family. She deslikes strawberries.

Her Backstory

Katarzyna grew up in a small village close to Warshaw, Lowicz. She is the oldest of a large family, having three brothers and four sisters. At the age of twelve, her mother passed away. Since that moment on, Katarzyna supported her father and took over a large part of the care for her younger brothers and sisters.

Nowadays, Katarzynastill lives in Lowicz, close to her parental home. She lives together with her husband, who works as a researcher at the University of Warsaw. They do not have children themselves, but spend a large part of their time with their nephews and nieces; they adore the Kowalski’s.

Katarzyna finished nursing school and works as a practice assistant at a general practitioner’s practice in Warsaw for over ten years now. As a practice assistance, she is often in contact with Diabetes patients. Katarzyna performs annual checks and educates and advices Diabetes patients. She enjoys working with people and always seeks to provide her patients with the best help.

Katarzyna gives up a lot for others and is always willing to help. She likes to spend her time with family. In her free time,Katarzyna likes to bake. She makes the loveliest pies. Her friends and family are always eager for an invitation to come over and try. In addition,Katarzyna sings in a choir. She rehearses at least once a week, and several times a year the choir gives a performance. Singing is Katarzyna’s way to relax.

Her Role

Go-to-person for all questions related to diabetes. Making sure that all lifestyle advice is in line with the user’s needs, related to his/her diabetes diagnosis.