François Dubois (Nutrition Coach)

As a nutrition coach, François can help you eat and drink healthier. He can help you set dietary goals, and help you stick to them. François lets you keep track of your weekly diet, and has a large collection of recipes that he will gladly help you choose from, should you need cooking inspiration.

He was born in Pau, France. He loves food, cheese and french music but there is nothing more unpleasant for him than talking about himself.

His Backstory

His grandfather was a chef, his father was a chef, so there was never any doubt as to what François was to become when he grew up. François did turn out to become a very successful chef, but his heart was never really truly into it.

As a young chef, François spent some time in Montpellier on France’s southern Mediterranean coast where he was working as an apprentice under a well-known traditional French Michelin star chef. His father sent him here after a few youthful rebellious incidents while working in his father’s own restaurant.

Now that François is older, he has set his life priorities straight, and has come toterms with his feelings that he doesn’t like preparing fancy dishes for the rich, entitled and fancy people that used to visit his Michelin Star restaurant in France.

And so, François finally wanted to do something truly useful for the world. Because food and cooking are the only things he knows, he has decided tobecome aNutritionCoach in the Council of Coaches. Although François isn’t a“healthexpert” per se, he can talk for hours about healthy and delicious meals.

Growing up under the pressure of his family’s Chef lineage, François is ratherincapable of talking about his emotions and feelings, and thus has grown a habitof changing the subjectto food whenever things get too emotionallycomplicated.

His Role

Educating the user about the benefits of a healthy diet. Assist the user in tracking dietary habits and providing feedback and information on nutrition. Provide personalised recipes, and assist the user in preparing healthy meals.