Carlos Silva (Peer & Support)

Carlos is not a coach. In fact, he is taking advice from the other coaches as well. He is struggling to change his lifestyle for the better, and he is here to share his experiences with you.

He was born in Sines, Portugal. He likes Benfica, playing cards and spending time with his grand children but he dislikes being told what to do.

His Backstory

Carlos lives together with his wife. They have three grown-up daughters and four grandchildren. Carlos is very proud of his family.

Carlos has been working as an office worker in the local community for several years, but recently retired. Carlos never was a “career man”; he has not been that ambitious. Rather, he enjoyed the little things in life. His wife will retire in one year.They are looking forward to their joined retirement.

Carlos likes spending time with his grandchildren. His grandchildren often call him “Silly granddad”, but they adore their grandfather. Carlos has the tendency to spoil his grandchildren by often taking them on trips, to the beach or zoo, or by buying them too large ice creams.

In addition, Carlos is a huge football fan. In his early years, Carlos played football at least four times a week. Nowadays, his football interest is expressed in him following his club Benfica closely. Therefore, the Silva’s have a large TV, which almost 24/7 shows the latest football updates (mostly through the Benfica TV channel). Carlos’ wife is not always happy with the TV and often tells Carlos to goout for a walk instead.

Furthermore, Carlos and his friends, mostly all retired, regularly play cards and enjoy the weekly billiard evening in the local café. They like to have a drink together, while enjoying the sun. Carlos is a social person and often performs chitchat with others.

His Role

Supporting the user in his/her journey with the Council of Coaches. Provide emotional support with the difficulties of behaviour change, and share experiences with the user.