Couch was presented at the Personalised eHealth Technology Symposium @UTWENTE

Personalised eHealth Technology Symposium @UTWENTE

On January 29th, 2020, the strategic programme: Personalized eHealth Technology of the TechMed Centre (University of Twente), partner of Council of Coaches Project, organised an inspiring and energizing day full of interactive sessions, demonstrators and presentations.

On this day attenders became acquainted with different types of eHealth applications from diabetes to dementia, data science to citizen science and oncology to rehabilitation. Furthermore, participants were presented how multidisciplinary research shapes innovative technology, as exemplified by the UT, Saxion, regional hospitals and insurance companies.

In addition, the latest prototypes were demonstrated of a wearable breathing trainer for children with respiratory problems and technology to make easier and more enjoyable the importance of “Happy Eating”.


Council of Coaches project couldn’t be absent from this Symposium.

Kostas Konsolakis from the UT – Department of Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS)Enschede, Netherlands, presented and demonstrated Council of Couches idea and introduce audience to our virtual coaches while Daniel Davison and Gerwin Huizing presented a demo of the project.

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