People Behind the Council of Coaches – Episode 7

In today’s last episode of “The People Behind Council of Coaches”, we present the team from Innovation Sprint.


Innovation Sprint (iSPRINT) is an SME launched in 2016 and is based in Brussels, facilitating the digital transformation of companies and organizations in the Healthcare sector. Combining Big Data analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real World Data innovation sprint aims to advance the eHealth and Life Science markets. A diversed skillset team with ICT, regulatory, medical and data science expertise and share the vision to improve Healthcare and Pharma products and services in a personalized patient-centric approach.

Innovation Sprint apart from its life science industry oriented product on managing and monitoring remotely patient participation in clinical trials, has a strong R&D activity through the participation in EU projects. We have been awarded numerous projects in the IoT, ehealth and active ageing spectrum were we use as a sandbox an exploitable outcome of a flagship FP7  project namely “eWall”, that entails the collection and processing of data from patients based on a wide array of in-home and wearable devices. Connected to these products is the company’s needs to protect the healthcare data collected and processed, in-line with relevant security and privacy directives.

Alfredo Cesario

Alfredo Cesario is the Chief Scientific Officer of Innovation Sprint. He has worked in the European Commission in Brussels and he has been a senior consultant to the Directorate General for Research of the Italian Ministry of Health for international activities. 

Based on my expertise in the regulatory and ethical framework, in the Council of Coaches, I will complement and advise on the exploitation strategies and process-to-market for this advanced and innovative e-Health solution for achieving a robustly validated water-proof solution designed in harmony with the ethical and privacy related guidelines.

Konstantina Kostopoulou

Konstantina joined Innovation Sprint in 2018 as the Chief Digital Officer responsible for the Product Development of iSprint Suite of Products with expertise in UX & UI and Marketing combined with skills in leadership, innovation strategy and creative problem-solving.

As a creative technologist, I am very interested to see such a challenging concept slowly taking shape. In the Council of Coaches project, our role among others is to implement a sophisticated dissemination and exploitation strategy and ensure that the outcomes are made available to all relevant audiences. We try to use different mediums and channels to reach a different audience and try to follow up with all partner activities related to the project’s exposure in conferences and meetups or journal publications.

Konstantinos Tsagkos

Konstantinos joined Innovation Sprint in December 2018 as the Head of R&D responsible for the coordination of R&D projects and the development of partnerships and synergies in the field of eHealth. He has expertise in Business Management and Internal Processes, combined with a technical background and experience on E-commerce and Digital Marketing.

As a technology enthusiast, I am very happy to participate in the Council of Coaches project as it is very promising to see how the virtual council of coaches will communicate with the older adults, support them and help them improve their health. The innovation behind this project is definitely something that will boost the wider use of this virtual coaching ecosystem, so it is critical to be implemented with the most efficient way, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Sofoklis is the CEO of Innovation Sprint and also holds the position of Associate Professor in Aarhus University, where his activities are focused around Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. He has managed, both as technical manager and coordinator, a large number of multi-million ICT projects, both at R&D and industrial level.

I am very happy that Innovation Sprint is part of this great consortium of partners with such a challenging and innovative project on board. I wish to contribute with my background in innovation management and exploitation. We will monitor the process of the creation of the exploitable deliverables of the project, such as new ideas, algorithms, concepts, methods following an Innovation Management Plan that continuously will identify innovation potentials and bringing them to the exploitation tasks of the project.

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