Our Coaches in Innovation Management Workshops 1 & 2 – A work in progress

Innovation Management in the COUCH project has the goal to monitor and control the process of creation of novel deliverables of strong impact.

The exploitable outcomes are deliverables of the project, such as new ideas, algorithms, concepts, methods, products, services or applications that can be exploited through effective monitoring and controlling processes.

Innovation Sprint is the partner responsible for the Innovation Management and in the plenary meetings of Dundee and Enschede, organized team-building exercises for the team to start thinking of the project’s overall exploitation plans and outcomes.  

• Create & update a list of potential exploitable outcomes (ongoing)

• Organize workshops to support the transition to exploitation activity

In Dundee, the workshop was about pitching all potential exploitable outcomes that had been identified during the last period through calls and emails, and the partners were split in groups that had to make a quick pitch to the rest of the partners on why their outcome was unique and innovative.

In Enschede, we had a role-playing game where the partners were split in teams that worked on a preliminary business model based on their ideas of the value proposition and customer segments, for the overall COUCH solution.

The process is ongoing and we hope that these exercises help all the team members to understand how important it is to have a very clear understanding of what the team aims to achieve as early as possible. The upcoming workshop will be on co-creation of the Council of Coaches business model (we will be working in groups and use best practices to develop the preliminary business model that will be used as a pilot for all concepts).

So far it’s been an enjoyable process and we are all eager to see how these plans will evolve. Stay tuned for more…

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