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Newsletter Archive

July 2020 – Announcing the launch of the Agent’s United Alliance and Workshop

May 2020 – Covid19 Pandemic Risk Mitigation Strategy and Project Activities Update

April,2019 – Halfway through the project, Experimental demo and the first episode of the Technical Episode of the Tech behind the Council of Coaches (Innovation Sprint).

December, 2018 – Happy Holidays, Highlights of the Innovation Management Workshop, and the final People Behind the Council of Coaches entry (Innovation Sprint).

November, 2018 – Results of the Innovation Uptake Workshop, People Behind the Council of Coaches (Sorbonne University), and conference activity.

October, 2018 – Announcing the Innovation Update Workshop, People Behind the Council of Coaches (University of Dundee), and conferences in Warsaw and Stockholm.

August, 2018 – Second project milestone complete, a Survey on Coach Characteristics, RRI, and the People Behind the Council of Coaches series.

April, 2018 – GDPR – let’s keep in touch

December 2017 – Holiday Wishes