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7th of November-Workshop on Ethics and Regulatory challenges in eHealth in Brussels

Innovation uptake in eHealth with patient-centeredness and gamification. Regulatory challenges and opportunities. Scope of the meeting: Brainstorm the status of the regulatory and ethical scenario in the context of eHealth […]

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People Behind the Council of Coaches – Episode 5

In today’s episode of “The People Behind Council of Coaches”, we present the team from the University of Dundee and the Centre for Argument Technology

The University of Dundee has nine academic Schools covering a variety of subject areas and has been ranked top in Scotland for research in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine. The University has around 11,000 students, 60 researchers in Computing, in the School of Science and Engineering and 500 scientists and clinicians in the School of Medicine. The Centre for Argument Technology (ARG-tech) is located in the Discipline of Computing at the University of Dundee. This group is committed to developing the vision, academic theory and commercial exploitation of an Argument Web – an interconnected network of opinions, arguments, debates and discussions – having attracted funding of over £5m, and has over 150 refereed papers in print.

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Our Dundee coaches @ Argumentation Week in Warsaw

Several members of the Council of Coaches team from Dundee attended events at Warsaw Argumentation Week (WAW 2018, from 6th-16th September. First up, Dominic De Franco attended the Third […]

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Councillors on Tour: Stockholm Edition

On July 15th, three of our Council of Coaches PhD students, from the University of Twente, Sorbonne University and Roessingh Research and Development went to Stockholm, Sweden to present their […]

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Help out Council of Coaches in this Online Experiment

At Council of Coaches we were wondering – how do we create the perfect virtual agent? At this moment, we are experimenting with cutting them out of stone, but we […]

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