New publications from ACM IVA 2019 in Paris

More publications related to the Council of Coaches Project presented at the ACM IVA 2019 in Paris. The first was presented by Reshmashree B Kantharaju and the second by Fajrian Yunus

R B. Kantharaju, A Pease, D Reidsma, C Pelachaud, M Snaith, M Bruijnes, R Klaassen, T Beinema, G Huizing, D Simonetti, D Heylen, H op den Akker, Integrating Argumentation with Social Conversation between Multiple Virtual Coaches, Proceedings of the 19th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, Paris, July 2019

This paper presents progress and challenges in developing a platform
for multi-character, argumentation based, interaction with a
group of virtual coaches for healthcare advice and promotion of
healthy behaviours. Several challenges arise in the development of
such a platform, e. g., choosing the most effective way of utilising
argumentation between the coaches with multiple perspectives,
handling the presentation of these perspectives and finally, the
personalisation and adaptation of the platform to the user types. In
this paper, we present the three main challenges recognized, and
show how we aim to address these.

Yunus, F., Clavel, C., & Pelachaud, C. (2019, July). Gesture Class Prediction by Recurrent Neural Network and Attention Mechanism. In Proceedings of the 19th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (pp. 233-235). ACM.

Our objective is to develop a machine-learning model that allows a
virtual agent to automatically perform appropriate communicative
gestures. Our first step is to compute when a gesture should be
performed. We express this as classification problem. We initially
split the data into NoGesture class and HasGesture class. We develop
a model based on recurrent neural network with attention
mechanism to compute the class based on the speech prosody. We
apply the model on a dialog corpus segmented into different gesture
classes and gesture phases. We treat the prosody as the input
sequence and the gesture classes as the output sequence.

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