Milestone #2 Complete!

A little delayed update, but very good news nonetheless: the second project milestone has been achieved!

The first functional prototype of the Council of Coaches system is released as a working demonstrator that can be downloaded and run with a double-click. A video of the demonstrator was also published on the project’s YouTube Channel. Is it amazing? Yes and no. Yes, because under the hood, major technical progress has been made in the integration of complex technical subsystems: the GRETA virtual agent platform of Sorbonne Universities and the ASAP virtual agent platform of the University of Twente communicate with each other and can both be instructed by the Dialogue Game Execution Platform from the University of Dundee. First steps are also made to integrate “couch specific” components: the knowledge base and holistic behavior analysis framework. On the other hand, this demonstrator might not impress the members of our target audience as much as we would like. We are aware of that. But for a three month development phase, much has been achieved. The next six months leading up to the second functional demonstrator and next project milestone will be devoted to technical improvements, but most importantly to creating an outstanding user experience for our end users.

Please take a look at a video of our first demonstrator below:

Furthermore, with this milestone, we have released a number of Public Documents, documenting important project progress:

  • D3.2: Initial coaching actions and content
  • D6.2: Initial user interface design for Home and Mobile UI
  • D7.1: System architecture and design of APIs
  • D7.2: Initial functional prototype

We look forward to sharing additional updates with you over the summer period. If you want to stay up to date with all the latest info, please follow our @Council_Coaches Twitter Account.

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