Four new public documents added

As the project is progressing along, we are adding 4 new public documents to our website. Since we aim to release public deliverables as quickly as possible, newly added documents may not have passed through external expert review. See our public documents page which deliverables have, and which ones haven’t passed this review procedure.

In this round, we have added the following four documents:

Happy reading! And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

2 thoughts on “Four new public documents added”

  1. Many practical an uneasy questions are dealing with the degree of freedom let to the coached person, full consent understanding, sustainability of benchmarking personal emotions data and profiling emotional dialogue
    How the Council of Coaches is addressing these issues in a practical way and avoiding bias would be relevant topics to be discussed especially when the project is targeting old persons either for prevention or treatment which need different models
    Gerard Cornet
    Gerontolgist , involved in the Gerontology cursus diploma Charles Foix Hospital Paris Sorbonne University
    Email during the confinement :


    1. Dear Gerard,

      The concept of virtual coaching with multiple virtual coaches is very new, so we’re really only at a stage where we want to test the proof of concept. In that sense, from a content point of view we’re largely avoiding too complicated (emotional or disease related) issues. If you want to know more about how we perform our proof-of-concept evaluation, we have recently released the evaluation protocol on our website ( and as a JMIR Research Protocols publication (


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