Final Council of Coaches Workshop Aftermath

Last week on the 8th of July we hosted the “closing workshop” of the Council of Coaches project. The workshop was hosted by our partner Innovation Sprint and although in a vacation period for some, managed to attract over 65 attendees, from Europe, US and even Australia. In the three sessions of the workshop, there were a series of excellent presentations and some good interactions between talks at the end in the closing remarks. Let me take you through the sessions giving you also the links to the recorded presentations.

Session 1 – Project overview & results

Due to the incredible dedication of the project team, we had a whole lot of awesome results to present and a special THANK YOU to our representatives’ for doing such a great job at presenting them in Session 1. Harm the Project’s Technical Coordinator, for presenting the Project Overview, Marian and Dominic, presenting the final evaluations of the Council of Coaches Application and Alvaro and Daniel who did such a great job with the Agent United Alliance and platform!

Session 2 – Related H2020 Cluster Projects

The aim of the workshop was also to bring together researchers and discuss the progress in the field of virtual assistance and coaching in related H2020 Cluster Projects and therefore we invited three projects to give us an update on the progress of their research work.

The Coadapt Project – Conversations, Interactions & Personal Healthcare Assistants was presented by Prof. Giuseppe Ricardi, Director of the Signals and Interactive Systems Lab at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Trento, Italy.

The Captain Project eCare and eCoaching by Evdokimos Konstantinides, Leader of the Assistive Technologies and Silver Science Research Group, Lab Medical Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece

The vCARE Project virtual Coaching for rehabilitation by Ass.Prof. Sofoklis Kyriazakos at the Business Development and Technology Department of Aarhus University in Denmark

Session 3 – Virtual coaching and the industry

In the last session, we wanted to give a feeling of the industry and invited a successful spinoff from a European project that offers cognitive assistance and coaching and an influential researcher in the field of embodied virtual agents that is working in Studies inviting people to achieve behavioral change through the mobile interface.

The Sociable by Stelios Pantelopoulos, Head of European Projects Department by Singularlogic.

The Virtual Agents by Prof. Timothy W. Bickmore, Ph.D, Professor & Associate Dean at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences from the Northeastern University.

We want to thank Prof.Hermie Hermens for providing the closing statements and opening an interesting conversation between the attendies.

We want to thank all our attendees and will leave you with the following question.

How human do we really want our Virtual Agents to be?

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