Councillors on Tour: Stockholm Edition

On July 15th, three of our Council of Coaches PhD students, from the University of Twente, Sorbonne University and Roessingh Research and Development went to Stockholm, Sweden to present their research posters. They attended the Workshop for Intelligent Conversation Agents in Home and Geriatric Care Applications, which was held in conjunction with the Federated AI Meeting.

The research papers, presented as posters, were the following:

  • R. Bangalore Kantharaju and C. Pelachaud: Towards Developing a Model to Handle Multiparty Conversations for Healthcare Agents. This focused on the work on building a conversation model for the virtual coaches and on effects of virtual agents on user’s persuasion.
  • G. Huizing, R. Klaassen, and D. Heylen: Designing and Developing Lifelike, Engaging Lifestyle Coaching Agents and Scenarios for Multiparty Coaching Interaction. This focused on the design and development of the coaches, scenarios and dialogues, as well as the plans to investigate interactions between several coaches and the user.
  • Beinema, H. op den Akker, and H. Hermens: Creating an Artificial Coaching Engine for Multi-domain Conversational Coaches in eHealth Applications. This focused on the development of software that should automatically decide which coaching strategies and goals the coaches use for each user specifically.

Many thanks to the organizers of this Workshop and to beautiful Stockholm for hosting us!


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