Council of Coaches @ Innovation Uptake Workshop

On the 7th of November at the Brussels Life Sciences Incubator (BLSI), Council of Coaches was present at a workshop organized by partner Innovation Sprint on: “Innovation uptake in eHealth with patient-centeredness and gamification. Regulatory challenges and opportunities“.

The audience consisted of speakers and attendees from many countries from diverse sectors, including the medical industry, regulation, policy making, research, academia, and SMEs. The scope of the workshop was to brainstorm on the status of the regulatory and ethical scenario in the context of eHealth, exposing the state of the art of several EU Horizon 2020 eHealth projects (COUCHGOALvCare).

Sofoklis Kyriazakos – CEO of Innovation Sprint, coordinated the presentations showcasing partner’s achievements, as well as best practices and lessons learned in EC projects and discussing the process-to-market implications especially at the light of the Regulatory framework in the clinical research and uptake in the healthcare scenario. After the completion of the presentations, the final session moderated by Alfredo Cesario, CSO of Innovation Sprint, was a “crash test” of the 3 EC projects with presentations and discussions on their status and the possible barriers they will have to break with regards to regulations in their exploitation activities.

In this context, Harm op den Akker, Senior Researcher at Roessingh Research and Development in Enschede and coordinator of the Council of Coaches project described the novelties and the next steps involved in the creation of the multi-avatar approach for virtual coaching (click here for the presentation slides).

The workshop outcomes will be summarized in a White Paper with contribution from all partners, aiming to create an impact for this critical point of regulation in R&D.

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