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University Pierre and Marie CURIE


Note: The University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6) joined the consortium, but later merged into what is now know as “Sorbonne University”.

With more than 30,000 students, 120 laboratories and 3,500 doctoral students in science and medicine, the University Pierre and Marie CURIE (UPMC) is one of the leading French universities. According to the 2013 Shangaï ranking, UPMC is the 1st French, 6th European and 37th university worldwide.

UPMC has a wide experience of EU contracts and its European affairs office, that is in charge of the EU projects at UPMC, has managed so far 100 EU FP6 and 115 FP7 projects and more than 25 projects in H2020 from 2014, as coordinator or partner. UPMC has also adopted the European Charter for Researchers and the code of conduct for the recruitment of Researchers.

All UPMC members of the project belong to the ISIR (Intelligent Systems and Robotics Institute) (, a research unit partnered with the CNRS (French national Centre for Scientific Research), hosting nearly 40 permanent staff members. The ISIR conducts cross disciplinary research in complex artificial and natural dynamic systems, systems and control, and signal processing.

Relevant publications
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