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Roessingh Research and Development


Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is a research and development SME in the area of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine with strong formalized links to one of the largest rehabilitation Centers in the Netherlands (Roessingh Rehabilitation Center) and the University of Twente. The mission of RRD is to carry out scientific research and contribute to its commercialization and implementation in clinical practice. RRD develops innovations in a multidisciplinary team and in close collaboration with all stakeholders (patients, informal and formal caregivers, academia, health care organisations and industry).

RRD has extensive experience in many aspects of the development of innovative technology supported health and care services from initial scenario development and requirements elicitation with all stakeholders, technology development (ambulant sensing, IT services platform, Decision Support, personal context aware coaching systems), user studies focused on usability, acceptance and user satisfaction, and large scale clinical evaluation studies up to implementation of new services in daily clinical practice. This experience has been gained in many large national and international projects. RRD has developed its own service platform (C3PO; Continuous Care & Coaching Platform) that enables multi-modal monitoring and treatment of people with chronic conditions. Special expertise has been gained with COPD. For monitoring, data can be gathered using several sensors wireless connected to devices like smartphones, tablets or personal computers, all in a user-friendly way and including secure data verification mechanisms. Personalized feedback and tailored exercises can be given using portals and smartphones. RRD is as partner in various running European projects, like PERSSILAA, IN-LIFE, eWALL, IMI-SPRINTT, responsible for the development and evaluation of self-management remote physical training programs as well as a daily life monitoring modules to assess health status of older adults and patients with chronic diseases.

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