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UPVLC is a 45 years old institution adding up over 42.000 people, comprising 10 technical schools, 3 faculties and 2 higher polytechnic schools in three campuses, one in the city of Valencia and two externals. With a strong international experience in ICT technologies applied to different domains, UPVLC was awarded, in a joint initiative with the second university of the city and the CSIC (Spanish High Council for Scientific Research), the recognition as Campus of International Excellence in the competitive call of 2010 (VLC-CAMPUS). The main focus of this joint initiative is the generation of high quality scientific-technological production in health, ICT and sustainability.

UPVLC-SABIEN (Technologies for Health and Well-Being) is the major research group in e-Inclusion and e-Health of the UPVLC, and one of the most relevant ones at the national level, with a research trajectory of 18 years. The group is the coordinator of the Healthy Living micro cluster of the VLC-CAMPUS, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 technology and health researchers including medical doctors and engineers. This collaboration enables the work developed by the group to combine the joint expertise of the two worlds bringing together the technological background, the health knowledge, the connection with the decision takers and policy makers, the deep comprehension of the social, healthcare and public health services and initiatives in the country and a wide experience in management and dissemination of complex and multidisciplinary research projects.

UPVLC-SABIEN has an extensive expertise in the application of ICT to the social and healthcare systems, in Ambient Assisted Living technologies (AAL), and Internet of Things (IoT) and also in reengineering and evaluation and validation of social and health care processes and solutions in real environments, not only dealing with the generation of indicators but also user and business centred data, including a long experience in using mobile technologies for health and social purposes. The group is also responsible for several health related web sites, including several social webs, and it’s very active in the health2.0 domain.

Relevant publications
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