Innovation Sprint

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Innovation Sprint Sprl (iSPRINT) is an SME that has been launched by innovation experts, offering bespoke services to companies and organizations that seek to pivot and add value to their products and services in the digital era. Innovation Sprint offers professional services by senior consultants with multidisciplinary skills for tailor-made solutions to satisfy demanding needs. The offering of the company includes insights & analytics services for several business sectors and lean startup practices for the provision of actionable data to facilitate innovation management. The company partners are serial entrepreneurs with experience in M&A and access to venture capitalists and private equity investors.

iSPRINT offering includes two healthcare products (CloudCare2U, ActionableHealth360), which involve the collection and analysis of in-home patient data in a cloud environment. CloudCare2U is the exploitable outcome of the flagship FP7 eWall project and entails the collection and processing of data from patients based on a wide array of in-home and wearable devices. Connected to these products is the company’s needs to protect the healthcare data collected and processed in-line with relevant security and privacy directives.

Innovation Sprint has also expertise in exploitation and commercialization process, including impact creation based on the development of relations to potential investors.

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