Danish Board of Technology Foundation

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Danish Board of Technology Foundation


The Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBT) is the parliamentary technology assessment institution of Denmark. It is an independent, non-profit, common good, corporative foundation SME, committed to technology assessment and parliamentary advisory activities on science, technology and innovation foresight. The DBT is an expert in political deliberation and advice, interactive methodologies, involving trans-disciplinary research, stakeholder involvement, citizen participation and public communication. Especially in the domain of stakeholder and citizen consultation, connected to policy analysis, the DBT is at the forefront of praxis. The DBT’s methods toolbox includes: Online Engagement, Multi-Site Citizen and Expert Participation processes, Multi-stakeholder Participation and Co-development Methodologies.

The DBT has historically emphasized the importance of citizen/user participation in technological development, administrative planning, and political decision-making. In its 30 years of methodological development it has built a world-class skill set for the facilitation of trans-disciplinary dialogue and solution-oriented research.

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