50% into the Council of Coaches journey

As of now, we are 50% into the Council of Coaches journey. These first 18 months have been a great ride for all, with pleasurable collaborations and full commitment from the partners!

We are looking forward to the next 18 months, in which we will see ever more mature prototypes, even more, research results, and even more enjoyable project get-togethers!

This M18 has also been a deadline for another 6 deliverables that were all successfully submitted on time! In this M18-round we have submitted the following:

  • D1.4: First Periodic Report
  • D2.5: Evaluation results of second functional prototype and updated requirements (draft – result are pending)
  • D4.4: Methods for inferring long-term behaviours from short-term behaviour information
  • D5.3: Methods and tools for moving from dialogue game to updating individual and shared knowledge bases
  • D6.4: First virtual coach design and model
  • D8.7: Intermediate plan for standardisation and exploitation

Soon we will be updating the website and releasing the latest public documents for those interested.

Stay tuned…

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