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Welcome to the Council of Coaches, a European Project that aims to change the way we look at virtual coaching. We are creating an autonomous virtual council that can assist people in achieving their health goals. By advancing the state of the art in embodied conversational agents we are enabling fluent multi-party interaction between multiple coaches and our users. The topics of these interactions? You, your health, your worries, and your goals. We are excited to share our work and ideas with you here, on our little corner of the web...

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Design of Virtual Characters & Personalities

The Council of Coaches is a group of Virtual Characters that will form your personal health council for as long as you want (or as long as you need their […]

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Multi-Party Argumentation for Health & Wellbeing

Our Virtual Coaches will be able to operate as fully autonomous intelligent agents, and must learn how to use arguments to persuade the user and each other. In this way, […]

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Holistic Behaviour Analysis & Behaviour Change

Having a clear understanding of the user behaviour is essential to elicit effective and relevant coaching strategies. One of the main tasks of the Council of Coaches, related to sensing […]

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Responsible Research and Innovation

To ensure that the innovations brought forth by the Council of Projects have a maximum and positive impact on society, we adopt the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation in […]

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