Work Plan

At the highest level, the work that is done to realize the Council of Coaches is divided into 8 Work Packages – working to achieve 7 key Milestones during the three year course of the project (September 2017 – August 2020).

Work Packages

The work plan of the Council of Coaches defines 8 Work Packages, as listed in the table below.

WP# Title Lead Partner
1 Management CMC
2 Responsible Research and Participatory Design DBT
3 Coaching Strategies and Knowledge Base RRD
4 User Behavior Sensing, Modelling and Analysis CMC
5 Dialogue and Argumentation Framework UDun
6 Human-Computer Interfaces UPMC
7 Continuous Integration and Demonstration UPV
8 Dissemination & Exploitation iSPRINT



The work plan for Council of Coaches defines 7 key Milestones, representing major intermediary achievements of the project. These milestones are listed and described below.

Milestone 1: Initial design and requirements (M6 – February, 2018)

The first project milestone has been achieved. In the first six months of the project, the consortium has worked on gathering user requirements, performed state of the art literature research and described existing technology platforms that will be used in the development of the Council of Coaches prototypes. In Work Package 2, a vision on how the project will adopt a Responsible Research and Innovation approach is layed out (D2.1) and initial stakeholder analysis results are reported (D2.2). In Work Package 3, a literature overview on behaviour change theories and methods was done, serving as input for the initial design of the system’s Knowledge Base (D3.1). Similarly, in Work Package 4, a state of the art overview was compiled on sensing and profiling techniques – leading to an initial design of the Holistic Behaviour Analysis Framework (D4.1). In Work Package 5, the Dialogue and Argumentation Framework design and background was compiled and reported in D5.1, while in Work Package 6 work has been done on describing existing frameworks for creating the Embodied Conversational Coaches that will form the main Human Computer Interaction element in the Council of Coaches (D6.1). In this same time period, the project has prepared its first living draft of the Data Management Plan (D1.2) and its Innovation Management Guidelines (D1.3).

Milestone 2: First Functional Prototype (M9 – May, 2018)

Delivery of the first software demonstrator, ready to start continuous evaluation.

Milestone 3: Second Functional Prototype (M15 – November, 2018)

Delivery of the second software demonstrator.

Milestone 4: Third Functional Prototype (M21 – May, 2019)

Delivery of the third software demonstrator.

Milestone 5: Technical Prototype (M27 – November, 2019)

Delivery of the complete autonomous Council of Coaches prototype.

Milestone 6: Start of Final Demonstration (M30 – February, 2020)

Ethical approvals obtained and start of recruitment for final demonstration.

Milestone 7: Final Reporting and Project End (M36 – August, 2020)

Final demonstration results documented, delivery of all project deliverables and end of project :(.

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