The Project at a Glance

Welcome to the Council of Coaches, a European Project that aims to change the way we look at virtual coaching. We are creating an autonomous virtual council that can assist people in achieving their health goals. By advancing the state of the art in embodied conversational agents we are enabling fluent multi-party interaction between multiple coaches and our users. The topics of these interactions? You, your health, your worries, and your goals. We are excited to share our work and ideas with you here, on our little corner of the web...

Virtual Coaching System

The main objective of the project is to develop a virtual coaching system that can assist older adult users in the areas of physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being. Diabetes and Chronic Pain are two use cases that will gain our specific attention. << Back to Features

Sensing and Profiling

Our system must learn to understand the user, his behavior and his context in order to provide personalized coaching. Through sensing and profiling the system builds up a knowledge base that the virtual coaches use to drive their coaching actions. << Back to Features

Dialogue Management

Dynamic, automated conversations between a virtual coach and a human user. As if that isn’t complicated enough, Council of Coaches takes dialogue management to the next level by introducing a multi-party automatic dialogue system in which multiple virtual characters can interact with a human user. << Back to Features

Human-Computer Interaction

Experience a radically new concept of human-computer interaction. Step into the virtual council meeting room, and join a special session with a team of expert coaches. On today’s agenda: you. The project will focus on bringing alive a memorable cast of characters and pushing the boundaries of intuitive user interaction and […]

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